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The Partners

We are a boutique consultancy. Our partners are strategists and innovators who are hands-on and are from multidisciplinary backgrounds. We find that by looking at the client’s assignment from different perspectives, it helps us think unconventionally, thus the beginning of a novel solution.


Prasert Eamrungroj

After graduated from the engineering school, Prasert spent his early year in production management and changed course to advertising industry which he rose to the rank to become the Managing Director of a multinational advertising agency. He is a business strategist by trade whereby he became increasingly interested in the subject of contrarian thinking. In 1996, he employed “Contrarian thinking discipline” to start up Brand Connections as the first media agency from the ground up. The company is today the biggest Thai media agency.

In 2008, he co-founded Blacksheep Runs Business with a passion to revolutionize the way business should be managed in this country. He introduces creativity as a tool to help business operators transform themselves and leapfrog growth will be the outcome of the change process.

He has written 6 books and turned himself as a speaker to stimulate the public to realize the power of creativity.

Narumon Boontawekij

Narumon began her early career in advertising and marketing. With over 20 years of experience that spans over advertising, marketing, and brand consultancy. She moved to join Prasert at Brand Connections as Managing Partner where she was the driving force of the new business development.

She co-founded Blacksheep Runs Business because she shared the same belief that the power of imagination can help unleash extraordinary business results.

She describes the strength of her team in the following context: “We may not be the best strategists in town, but we are the only group of strategists that has a profound sense of how creativity can help ignite growth to any client’s business”