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Founding Partners

The partners are hands-on with multidisciplinary backgrounds. We find that by looking at client’s brief from different perspectives, it helps us to tackle the assignment from a multi-faceted angle, creating a seamless solution.


Prasert Eamrungroj

After graduated from the engineering school, Prasert spent his early year in operational management and changed course to advertising industry which he rose to the rank to become Managing Director of JWT – a top five multinational advertising agency.

He is a business strategist by trade whereby he was interested in the subject of contrarian thinking, he spent more than 30 years crafting his proprietary thinking from just a conceptual idea into perfect practice. He co-founded Blacksheep Runs Business employing his expertise as contrarian strategist to help transforming client as disruptive innovator.

His skill set is big picture thinking and care to comb every single fine detail in execution stage to align action with grand strategy. Innovation through cross industry learning is his subject of interest. And people transformation is his unique expertise.

He has written 9 books and turned himself as a speaker to stimulate the public to realize the power of contrarian thinking that leads to disruption and innovation.

Narumon Boontawekij

Narumon is an innovator, she brings with her 25 years of multi-faceted experience that spans from advertising, marketing, operation to brand consultancy.

She co-founded Blacksheep Runs Business because she shared a strong belief that the power of creativity can help unlock transformation agenda.

She is the idea engine to design blacksheep idea and articulate/align strategic direction with action plan in a laser-liked focus.

In short, she is the brain and brawn working with client from day one to implementation phase. And these skill sets rarely find in one single person.

She describes her strength in the following context: “I am the barefoot insighter asking uncommon question to crack hidden knowledge, convert it into a meaningful business implication. This serves as the main ingredient when matched with client’s DNA helps us to formulate platform for the future.”